London Fog Luggage: Awesome Collections You Should Check Out

“Durable, sophisticated and comfortable” – this is what London Fog luggage is all about. Recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of leather-made products since the 1920s, London Fog offers a wide selection of suitcases and travel bags for the classy and chic. It is something that perfectly fits my lifestyle. My globetrotting wouldn’t be awesome without these arrays of travel luggage to choose from.

London Fog Luggage Best-Sellers
London Fog Oxford
This 17-inch bag is specially designed to fit in overhead compartments. Its two “double zippers” attached on the outside compartments may not have “eyes” for lock-ins, but the good thing about London Fog Oxford is that it’s very light to carry and practical.
• Fully-lined interiors
• Push button which serves as lock-in handle
• In-line wheels
• 1800-denier fabric made from polyester
• Three extra, “roomy” compartments
• ID tag
• Carriage handles

London Fog Lites Collection
For people who love 5-day trips, this 25-inch upright expandable bag is the best one to carry! Although its colors are not as fancy as other travel bags have, this durable luggage is a wonderful gift for the minimalist.
• “Carry” and “Top” handles
• Single, big “front pockets”
• Suiter clips in for hanging garments
• Foam-padded sides on the back and front for extra protection
• Push button lock-in system made from aluminum
• In-line ball bearing skate wheels
• #10 heavy-duty zipper on each packing compartment

London Fog Luggage Special Offer
London Fog Nottingham 360 Collection
Available in colors brown and black, this 25-inch expandable spinner luggage has more unique features than the aforementioned bags.
• Two zippered pockets (plus one back pocket) in front
• Push button handling system made from aluminum
• 10 oversized zippers
• Foam-padded front on all sides
• Shoe pockets
• 360 multidimensional in-wheels
• Main compartments with fully-lined interiors printed with London Fog’s signature
• Robust, poly-ballistic materials
• Removable zippered accessories

London Fog Highest-Rated Sellers
17-in London Fog Lites Collection
A cool storage for pills, purse, medical items and computer, this high-rated fog luggage matches with any 21-inch bag.
• Front pocket (organizer)
• Fully-lined interior with London Fog signature print
• Upper carry handles
• Four compartments for packing necessities
• 1200-denier polyester
• 10-year warranty

London Fog Collector’s Edition
London Fog Cambridge Collection
This is the first luggage collection London Fog released online. Back then, I was worried over purchasing luggage on the internet due to gut feelings that I might not be able to get one two days before my trip. But with London Fog, faster shipping is now possible! The Cambridge Collection’s design is something that speaks of elegance.
• Removable laundry bag and hanging organizer
• Heavy protective corner coils
• Aluminum lock-in handles
• Two front pockets
• Vinyl PVC kickplate attached between wheels for extra protection
• Top, bottom and side carry handles
• Suiter clips
• Size #10 zippers in all packing compartments
• 3.5-inch expansion for extra storage or spacing
• DuPont fabric protection
• Fully-lined interiors with “London Fog Luggage” printed in gold